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Booth Set Up. Once inside the exhibition booth ……

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Once inside the exhibition booth …

In an exhibition stand must help people to feel comfortable.

We must put in place for visitors. It is not so easy to get in and talk to a stranger. Our role in the stand is to make the experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible for visitors.

A good attitude is to stand, smile and be yourself. There is nothing more boring than a seller like a robot, or worse still, that feeling of being very busy. Each visitor must be treated as a human being. You’re about to meet someone new, it’s special. It’s a good idea to wear a sign of recognition, whether a sheet on the lapel or something that tells us that you are a membership of the firm stand.

Share your thoughts

In the Exhibitions it is meet and connect with people. But very quickly, you will see that everyone has the same questions about the product. The classic questions are usually:

• What is?

• How does it work?

  • Where is the company located?
  •  How much does it cost?
  • Where I can find

The visitors’ questions usually focus on the product they see and use immediately, and that’s good for exchanging information, however, it may not be enough for a good prospect. Our job is to bring that product a little further. Give it another dimension, the visitor to see and think “That’s what I need and I can not wait.” It’s not as difficult as it seems. If we really believe in our product we are able to convey those emotions to the visitor. This will make people interested, react and connect. Obviously, we do not go crazy. We are not all TV presenters.

Prepare the content.

If we are not very open and social, is a good idea to prepare a little what we have to say before the Fair. • How we describe our product. • How our product solves problems. • How the project began. • A series of examples of how to use it. • A series of stories of consumers or potential consumers and how they use • What would be in an ideal world, where the product is widely used by your target market. Preparation is the best antidote to the brain blank.

Having a goal.

It is also good to have some clear goals in mind before appearing on the Stand. Once there, it is hard to think clearly and remember priorities when you’re surrounded by people asking questions. Choose two goals and make them happen: • Find direct customers • Get feedback from customers • That the media are fixed on us. • Find partners. • Connect to the sector. A goal is an action toward a specific result. For example, “the launch of a product” is not a goal, it is a means to find customers or get media coverage.

Adapting visitors

We must speak with all visitors, do not selectively as we have a goal.

Exhibitors have only three seconds to attract the attention of attendees passing by your booth. Attention is vital. This could mean the loss of a sale or the beginning of a long-term business relationship. The key is in the presentation. Stands design should highlight and attract interest from the brand image to the colors, lighting up audiovisual products.