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Stand Building. An online survey of “Exhibit Surveys” and “Lippman Connects”

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An online survey of “Exhibit Surveys” and “Lippman Connects”

An online survey was developed and conducted by “Exhibit Surveys” and “Lippman Connects” last February with a total of 85 respondents, all organizers of events and fairs, responding to the survey. Respondents are more optimistic this year, two thirds of them expect growth of revenue compared to only half of last year. The biggest challenges for the organizers of events and fairs are attracting viewers (64%) and the identification of new prospects (60%). All events are using e-mail marketing, and social and digital marketing, 70% are using paying customer searches and 63% use telemarketing. In general all respondents plan to increase their budgets on social media marketing. Only 15% expect to increase spending on print advertising. Seven out of ten have a content marketing strategy and nine out of ten are considering conducting market research. Over the previous year, organizers of events and fairs are more optimistic for this year. Those who expect to have benefits in the next event are 65% against 53% last year. In the composition of respondents it comprises 80% have a director level or higher degree and an average of 15 years working in the field of exhibitions. They have participated 14 industry sectors; Medicine (16%), construction (12%), raw materials (12%) and education (11%) are the most representative. The numbers are optimistic, although the survey is for the US market are extrapolated to the Spanish market, a real omen for the future of world trade fair events.