Booth Building Companies …

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The booth building companies are given more services than the booths itself. We have all kind of suppliers in many areas:


3D design
Graphic design
Interior design




Booth Building
Assembly events
Spain and Europe


Material kitchens


Floors and carpets
Vinyls and graphics
Electric power
Decorative elements


Rental equipment
Video production company
Control tables


Graphic Printing


Floral decoration
Textile decoration
Theme decoration

Exhibition Calendars

Reasons to exhibit

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There are many reasons that push us to want to exhibit at a trade fair, the main ones are, without doubt, increase sales, brand recognition or presentation of a new product or service.

The AFE (Spanish Trade Association) lists 15 reasons for wanting to be an exhibitor, Let’s look below:

– Gain market share and enhance a particular brand in the most economical and efficient manner.

– Establish a direct interaction between buyer and seller face to face.

– Get a high volume of information in a short period of time.

– Establish business contacts: meet with the regulars and / or acquire new customers.

– Taking the pulse of the market and meet the current and future trends.

– Check the satisfaction of actual or potential customers regarding our products and those of competitors.

– Get immediate feedback on the introduction of new products and / or improvements to existing ones. – Intimacy with other industry professionals to discuss problems and new trends.

– Have a clear idea about the competition: Who and what is the position of our entity with respect to others. Also to meet customers from the competition.

– Participate in workshops and side events that help assess developments and market trends.

– Excellent opportunity for identifying potential suppliers, subcontractors, representatives, importers and distributors.

– Accelerate the process of purchase decision.

– Generate export opportunities. The fairs provide access to the international market at the best price and make a real platform strategy of internationalization of companies.

– Inquire about the pricing policy of our company over the competition.

– Contribute to strengthening the image of the company.

There are more reasons to want to state that we will savor in future articles. The use of new technologies and the digital explosion and are part of the new fair world and its exhibitors.

Powerful reason in a globalized world, and the world is very large, it is to have the opportunity to move the company physically (as a stand) and to join our existing customers, potential customers, our suppliers, the press , sectoral organizations and associations in one place