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Booth Design. What is a “good” Booth?

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What is a good Booth?

A good Booth is one that makes people stop by. You know just by looking at what they do and it causes you interact with (touch, talk and ask questions).  A Booth is a social place. It’s like having an open bar where information and ideas are available. People must feel invited to have a good time and have a talk. A good booth is also pragmatic. You’re not in a museum but you are in a public space. Things in the booth will be touched, moved, broken. Sometimes even they are stolen. There may be very busy times where we cannot cater to everyone, and other occasions where all people are in the booth next door. A good booth is one that adapts to these situations using a simple pair of good practices:

Avoid the little things. They are lost, stolen. Better take them into boxes to be transported smoothly.

Have plenty of samples available. Visitors need to play with the samples, ask questions and understand what you’re doing.

To have artwork and printed big elements that can be the brand and what the company does. Do not go crazy with a lot of fine print and long stories that do not interest anyone. We want the visitor to stop at our booth and ask.

Audiovisual show interesting examples. The booth that “says something” typically used many audiovisual effects, with good equipment and good production behind.

Automate your booth design.

You have to design the stand in advance taking into account the people who we will be to meet the space and take into account visitors. A good practice is to think what would happen if the booth has no one to assist you. Logically, we would seek formulas for visitors to enter and find the information they need without going through the human filter.