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Stand Design. What is needed to make a stand design?

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What is needed to make a stand design?

Many companies that will shows not make the mistake of paying too much attention to the design of the stand. Rented a booth supplied by the same fair; a table, three chairs and a desk. Placed on the table a few catalogs, business cards and “voila” to sell. At the end of the day your product, it sure is the best in the market. As you can guess this is not true. A stand with a brand and a clear message makes a big difference. Not only will you have more people to stop asking, but most people also remember the long and even make recommendations to other attendees. Besides, what we gain in spending all that time, money and energy to participate in a fair and then not even give him a chance to the product to be seen in good condition? Since the application process space at the fair to the displacement and time to attend the stand, we will not win anything if the stand does not “say anything” and it’s boring. No need to create an impressive stand to be noticed (sometimes can even be counterproductive.), But some sort of scenario is necessary. An image of clean brand and a clear message are what matters most. It is not decoration, it is his vision.

There are 4 key elements in the design of the stand. The design stands that “say something” usually have 4 basic elements:

• The products are the heart of your stand! It should be at least 3 samples show on the table.

• The name of the company must find the name of the company in less than 5 seconds when you look at the stand.

• What makes your company the same, it has to be very easy to find.

• Contact information.

Everything else is extra. The extras are not necessary. You will be surprised of the few companies that show these 4 key elements correctly. Most of the time, your company name is only when we look hard at the counter, have no idea of ​​what the company actually does not ask questions. The products are not available to be played …