Modular Stands Ecostand. Adferial

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Modular Stands Ecostand. An ecological and efficient solution.

A brief overview of the virtues that help us to recommend the use of ECO-STAND.

His novel aspect.

Its easy to change images.

His studied functionality.

Its convenient assembly.

Its rapid economic money-saver.

Easy transportation and storage.

A single profile, easy assembly allows us to create a structure and charged both sides printed fabrics.

Installation is very simple.


Robust and clean modular stands

A robust and System Clean!

When we speak of strength, we mean, that could be mounted fixed for a long time without maintenance or spare parts, and the modular stands as its destination is assembled and disassembled often give an irreproachable result.

When we talk about cleaning, we mean that, having wirings on the inside of the profiles, we found in appearance upset by the ground or flanges to set their accessories cables.

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Tour BionMerck Examples of modular stands Ecostand



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led lighting

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Diferent high

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Clothes changes

And also …

With our aluminum would outline our fabrics, design and build all types of structures. With that form simple or complex stands, graphic walls, displays, fotocalls, and any element that can expose a colored cloth or paper.

The possibility of getting grouped buildings or spectacular designs is inexhaustible.

From his own idea or our customers, we design and build exhibition stands and events.

Tissues that apply meet all current standards for exhibition in public places.

They can be white, colored or customized with images provided to us.

Tensioned fabrics are easy to assemble, carry little weight and do not form wrinkles. These tensioned fabric can be made of different shapes and sizes. They are placed in ceilings, on walls and on existing or that have been created for this structures.  

Advantages of textile printing:

More warmth, polyesters used are soft and elegant to look at and touch.

Lighter, by its light weight is ideal for packing and transportation.

More simplicity in the assembly, he would outline in using our assembly becomes much easier.

Decorative or advertising elements are easily attached to the structure of the stand, without hindering access furniture.

Opaque and stretch fabrics.

Translucent and elastic fabrics Decorative fabrics designed to meet the most varied tastes.

Tissues on which you can print photo-quality designs more demanding.