Booths Company = Adferial


“Our logo is Ad Hoc ferial. Explaining what it means is very easy; AD HOC is a Latin phrase that literally means “for this.” Generally refers to a tailor-made solution.

FERIAL refers to everything related to the world of exhibits. Thus, we provide solutions tailored to our clients who go to trade shows. “

The abbreviation of these two words is what has given rise to ADFERIAL



We take care of the environment and apply the philosophy of the 3 “RRR” to our stands.




The consumption of raw materials and energy to respect the time of the natural regeneration of the earth.




Infrastructures and products before buying new ones.



All waste to prevent it from accumulating in the environment.


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the great business challenge for the next decade. They are a call to action to governments, companies and civil society to achieve sustainable development, a planet with opportunities for all, people and the environment, and societies without poverty.

stand ecológico ODS

We give you the stand


 Lavve en mano


“Turnkey Stand”


So you don’t have to worry about anything …


We advise our client to help make the best solution.


If you prefer, we can set it up for you wherever you choose, it is our option “Turnkey Stand”.


We design the stand according to your indications, needs and in collaboration with your usual design team.


We deliver the booth finished and ready for installation at the exhibition site.


We manage and print the images of the stand in coordination with your design team.


We offer you a visualization of the stand proposal in 3D in a short time.


We take care of everything you may need, we also have a large team of collaborators

  • DESIGN Graphic Design – Interior Design – Presentations and 3D Design
  • WORKSHOPS Carpentry – Painting – Electricity – Blacksmithing
  • ASSEMBLIES Stand assembly – Event assembly – In Spain and Europe
  • RENTAL Furniture – Audiovisual – Kitchen material – IT


  • INSTALLATION Floors and carpets – Vinyl and graphics – Decorative elements – Illuminated signs
  • AUDIOVISUALS Equipment rental – Company video production – Table Control – Sound
  • DECORATION Floral – Textile – Stationery – Theme