The evolutionary and impressive portable stand

Contour is a portable stand solution

Contour is a portable stand solution composed of a tubular aluminum structure covered with stretch fabric.
Lightweight and compact, contour can be transported everywhere in a bag on wheels and is quickly assembled without tools or spare parts.

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The ideal solution

Contour is modular and evolutionary: the frames are connected to each other and the optional ones such as the TV, shelves, lighting, allow to respond to all the needs of the exhibitors.
It is the ideal trade fair booth solution for all those who want to be autonomous and exhibit effectively while saving money.

You can assemble it yourself

A simple and intuitive assembly.

A Contour frame assembles and disassembles in less than 10 minutes, without any tools or spare parts.
The connectors join with a clip and a marking system on each profile that makes assembly perfectly intuitive.
The graphic fits very easily as if it were a sock and completely covers the structure giving an exceptional result.
You’ll have more time to spend with your customers … or whatever you want.

It is easily transported.

Contour is an ultra compact and lightweight solution that you can take anywhere thanks to its wheeled transport bag or to be sent by courier.

Everything is well stored and protected: the tubes are fixed by clamping rings while the graphic slides inside a plastic pocket.

If your business grows, Contour follows the movement.

You can start with a frame and complete below.

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Environmental Spirit.
And also saving money.

Los stands Contour se basan en la reutilización, de esta manera se evitan en gran parte de los residuos ..

La compactibilidad y la ligereza de los stands permiten reducir el impacto medioambiental durante el transporte.

Nuestras especificaciones son muy estrictas y prohíben el encolado, engaste o aplicación de imanes durante la fabricación. Además, el aluminio es fácilmente reciclable.

Entregamos las telas a reciclaje para que les dan una segunda vida.

With contour, you benefit from an efficient trade fair booth that you can transport in your own car or send by courier, you can assemble yourself. contour is reusable and evolutionary.

Now you have a durable and inexpensive solution for every use.

You will have control over the budget for trade shows and increase your ROI.


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