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Lightbox – caja de luz tienda y stand en cosmoprof

It integrates perfectly into the space, ideal to be used at exhibitions, events, shops, signage and decoration.

panoramic.lightbox is a new generation light box: aluminum profiles, LED strips, graphics printed on fabric. The performance is elegant and optimal. The light spreads homogeneously, the graphic is attached to the structure by means of a silicone strip: assembly and disassembly are very simple, fast and can be done independently. Thanks to the angle brackets, panoramic.lightbox offers a perfect finish, without any light leakage.

Make your message even more impactful

The graphics are printed on diffuser fabrics, this allows an optimal performance of the colors. The LED strips are screwed into the profile, and the LED optics are specially studied to obtain a homogeneous diffusion of light.

Communicate in strategic places

Compact and lightweight, it can be placed in the most strategic places. panoramic.lightbox is available in a single-sided or double-sided version, with a gray, white, or black anodized aluminum profile (optional), in a floor or wall version. It integrates very easily into any space.

Change your messages easily

The charts are easily interchangeable by yourself. They are foldable and can be sent by courier. Your investment pays off.

Benefit from a perfect finish

The corner brackets of the light box offer perfectly sharp angles, without any light leakage and maximum safety (they are not sharp). The finish is perfect.

Be eco-responsible

panoramic.lightbox is equipped with an ecological lighting system, low energy consumption (60W for a 1x2m box). The estimated life span of LEDs is 50,000 hours. In addition, the solution adapts very easily to the evolution of your communication since the graphics are interchangeable.