Custom stands

Panoramic C Line

Panoramic c line

Panoramic c-line is the only modular display system that allows the aluminum structure to be fully covered with sublimation printed fabric graphics.
This technology is patented.
Creates an unmatched visual impact thanks to its space entirely dedicated to the image and a high-end finish.

stand a medida bonitos
stand a medida de diseño
stand a medida de diseño
stand a medida caja de luz
stand a medida colgante

With panoramic c-line, panoramic’s tailor-made range, all your ideas take shape: very large format graphics, backlit walls, curved elements, integration of carpentry elements, heights of more than 5m …

stand a medida cosmetica
stand a medida tienda o stand
stand a medida reutilizable

A reusable bespoke stand
panoramic c-line allows you infinite design possibilities and, contrary to the traditional stand which is also made to measure, the panoramic c-line stand is reusable!


diseño photocall photocall curvo

An unmatched visual impact
Your communication space is maximum, no aluminum profile is in sight, your message is even more effective and your stand conveys a true image of quality.


The revolution of fabric graphics!
Printing on fabric has characteristics that make it the ideal choice for visual communication at events and at the point of sale.
The fabric-sublimation couple offers higher quality providing better color performance and is also respectful with the environment.


Respect for the environment

The aluminum of the structure is 100% recyclable, the sublimation printing does not contain solvents and the low weight / volume ratio allows to limit CO2 emissions.