Panoramic h-line, the reusable, efficient and environmental modular stand!


Panoramic h-line is a solution that allows you to easily create a custom stand from pre-assembled modules.
It generates an unmatched visual impact thanks to its space entirely dedicated to the image offering all the functionalities you may need.
Panoramic h-line is aimed at those who want a modular and flexible stand, both for purchase and rental.


Panoramic h line movimiento
Panoramic h line DALIM
Panoramic h line nespoli-2-1024x576
Panoramic h line MIIN BEAUTYLYON'19 3X3
We connect brands and ideas.

The ideal solution for your trade shows


The stand is supplied inside a transport box, with pre-assembled modules, the graphics remain fixed to the structure, the connection between the panels is made by means of a very easy-to-use connector.

All very visual, we project your image to the maximum


Your communication space is maximum, not a single aluminum profile can be seen, your message is even more effective and your stand conveys a true image of quality.

Panoramic h line Panoramic-hl-3
Panoramic h line DIBA BIZBARCELONA 2020
Panoramic h line desglose

Endless combinations

Configure your stand according to your needs

The agility you’ve always dreamed of is the best solution when:


Panoramic h line combinaciones

Plan to participate in at least two exhibitions a year.

You do not know the locations in advance or take advantage of last minute opportunities.

Look for an evolutionary, reusable, ecological and reconfigurable stand.

You want to have the option to choose whether to buy or rent it based on your budget.

You are committed to significantly reducing the environmental impact of your stand.

Have a presence in several exhibitions at the same time.


Bring your stands to life



PanoLED catalogPanoLED video

panoLED is an LED panel system that allows you to create custom video walls. The panoLED panels measure 48 x 48 cm (18.9 “x 18.9”). They can be easily and quickly connected to each other.
Combined with the panoramic h line and c line they offer new visual experiences. They can also be used only for events and architectural elements: freestanding or wall displays and signage. Streaming videos and creating immersive experiences has never been easier!

The Rule of 3 RRR applies to stands thanks to Panoramic h-line!

The panoramic h-line stands are based on reuse, thus avoiding most waste. Our concept allows to considerably reduce the time and the number of people mobilized for the assembly. Storing the frames close to the fairgrounds reduces the environmental impact.


We recycle aluminum and send the fabrics to associations so that they can find a new life.
This is what the virtuous circle looks like.

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