Modular Tile System

Reusable Exhibition Floor.

Tarima-reutilizable stand feria desglosada

Design raised platform; ecological and reusable.


The decking system combines all the facets of a modern floor covering with safety and ease of installation. Sustainable use of materials, which can be recycled. No concessions are made to quality and design! weight and volume are limited, so transport costs and CO2 consumption are minimized.


• Electric cables are hidden
• Light manageable tile. No back problems.
• Minimum approach height so that no one
• The floor does not sag and supports a lot of weight
(Cars and machines)
• Fire retardant and slip resistant.

Ease of installation

• It can be assembled by 1 person.
• No tools required.
• Stackable tiles.
• The tabs are joined by clicking on the part


• Fair stands
• Events
• Showrooms
• Stores
• Interiors
• Decorations (shop windows)


• 22 unique basic designs.
• Scratch resistant for heavy use.
• Basic tiles, carpets
classic or can be combined with other materials.


• 5 years of print quality.
• 10 years in technical operation.

Tarima-reutilizable stand feria imitación parquet

A floor deck for quick construction.

Platform for the design of temporary spaces, such as exhibitions, events and showrooms. Compact in transport, lightweight and can be installed without tools. The cables are hidden in the basic tiles. The ground supports a lot of weight. Basic tiles are finished with coverings in trendy designs or transparent.

Fairs – Exhibitions – Showroom – Shops – Offices – Restaurant – Terraces